Not showing up on Leaderboard

Is there a reason why my scores aren’t showing up on the leaderboard? I’ve made it to dual 8-back with the default dynamic settings. It’d also be great to see what the settings are corresponding to the leaderboard records. Also, how legit is the leaderboard, #1 has a max score of 22.86 while #2 has a max score of 17.82. That seems humanly impossible? Though, I guess it depends on the settings.

Hi there!

The rules for getting to N-Back top stats are the following (you can see them on the statistics page Training App):

  • Total N-Back training time of the user on the site is more than 1 hour
  • Success rate of the set >= 80%. Only results with the rate greater or equal 80 will get to the top. E.g.: 6.8, 9.9, 8.0 (7-Back With 100% rate)
  • The set contains at least 4 cycles. That means the number of trials must be at least N*4. E.g. for 2-Back - min trial count is 8; for 8-Back - 32.
  • Trial Time less or equal 3 seconds.

Thanks! but why not just have the requirements for the leaderboard be a third option in addition to static and dynamic? you can all it ‘competitive’ or whatever

Additionally, you could just remove the trial increment setting to 0 for dynamic or adjust the leader board criteria to account for the dynamic trial time. All I’m saying is that it would make sense if the defaults for the dynamic setting and the leaderboard criteria were aligned rather than it being some other criteria that the user needs to read and adjust to themselves.

According to me first of all you can make sure that you have a stable internet connection while submitting the score. and you can verify that your account is properly synced and logged in while playing and submitting the score. It would be helpful if the settings used for leaderboard records are visible.
Also You can contact the support team to inquire about the criteria for a valid score.
I am sharing a link, hope it helps you- tutorial