Small usability issues

As far as I’m concerned, it is a change for the worse.

I do not see how statistics are evaluated since it is now invisible, the only thing I see is the end percentage result. But I do not see trial/error ratio.
You need to constantly scroll down to see the results as although they update they are displayed from the first one to the last.

After several years of having account here I will probably have to search for a new site, I do not go along with changes easily and the ones you introduced do not seem to improve the site. Maybe you should have taken the advice you mentioned and not change it, in the end.

Hope for adjustments soon

Dear Mefisto,

Thanks for your feedback!
We understand that changes are hard. Please, find a separate topic about statistics in Problems category on the Forum.
Trial/error ratio is restored in the new version.
And we have planned to fix scroll in the nearest future.

If you find any other problems please add a new topic in the “Problem” category.

Thank you again for your time and patience!

Scroll issue in today’s sets is fixed.