Understanding 'Async' in the N-Back Training Setting

I’m trying to grasp the meaning of ‘async’ in the n-back context, but it’s been challenging to comprehend or find clear explanations. My understanding is limited, but what I’ve noticed is that when I select ‘async’ in my training, it disrupts the process. For instance, in a 4-back setting, even when I correctly respond to the pattern from four steps back, my answers are still marked incorrect. This has led to a significant drop in my accuracy during async sessions, and I’m struggling to understand why this is happening.

Hello, and welcome to the forum!

Async allows to assign different levels for some of the stimuli types of the exercise.

For example, when you have standard Dual 2-Back with Audio and Position selected you have to match each signal 2-steps back.
Set Position to async(1). Now you have to match position signals 1-step back, while Audio is still 2-steps back.

Hope that helps!

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